thoughts about the future.


As I lay in bed tonight, thinking about the uncertainties of my family life and future career, I could not help but think about, probably the most important question a Christian should always consider in all of his waking moment – “How can I honour God in my life situation RIGHT NOW?”

I think that, ultimately, my life must only be about honouring God. I am convinced that apart from resources, education, and reputation, I would be worth nothing when I die. And so, there is nothing more important in this world for a Christian than to honour God in all things, at all times, regardless of the opinion of men. In the end, what matters most is my walk with God – that I know Him, and He knows me.

I must live in the scope of eternity,

which would help me to pursue the right priority;

who is Christ, the One who alone is forever worthy.

I need a change in ideology, and live with the right theology.

I have this great urge to become  a doctor. I understand that a career in medicine is quite a noble pursuit. I also understand that as a creature created in the image of the Creator, there is, ingrained in me, a desire to achieve greatness; that is, to pursue excellence in what I do and be great at what God has gifted me with and give all the glory back to His great Name. I enjoy helping people; I also enjoy learning. However, at present, in an honest assessment of myself, I find that my desire to become a doctor is not founded on a pure desire to help others. To me, it has become apparent that my desire for such a pursuit is founded on prestige, reputation, and money – simply, self-interest(s).

Since I am a First year Pre – Med student, I have come to realize that this has actually overtaken my thoughts, and has consequently altered my behaviour in the past two years. Right now, it seems that all I ever want to do is to master my studies – and everything else –  so that I can be great in all that I do, in order to make a name for myself.

However, as a Christian who believes in God the Son; empowered by God the Holy Spirit; for the glory of God the Father; it  is obvious to me that I am in a terrible place. Presently, obvious efforts of making a name for myself has proven money to be my ‘god’.

And so, tonight, God has helped me to decide to take some time to ask Him to help me to go back to Him. I asked God for help so that I can have the strength and courage to deny myself (again), so that I could rely on His strength to work with Him (again) – for my sanctification: to “be still and know that He is God, and that He will be exalted among the nations.” [Psalm 46:10]. In prayer and in short bible reading, I come across a passage in Luke, in which, the father of the prodigal son was having a conversation with the other son who did not run away, the one who complained that he has received nothing from the father. In the text, the father replies:

“Son, you are always with me, all that is mine is yours.” – Luke 15:31 ESV

“Toi, mon enfant, lui dit le père, tu es toujours avec moi, et tout ce que j’ai est â toi.”

Here, I am simply reminded that as a blood-bought son, I have ALL that I could ever need, and that I should lack nothing, for my Father in heaven will provide for me (not only earthly provision, but ultimately, THE provision of His own Son – whom He loved –  who died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins).

The next verse then reminds me of the reality of the real thing that I must pursue in my short life here on earth:

“It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive, he was lost, and is found.” Luke 15:32 ESV

“mais il fallait bein se réjouir et s’égayer, car ton frère que voilà était mort, et il est revenu à la vie; il était perdu, et il est retrouvé.”

Thank God for allowing me to see and realize, that any great pursuit that I have should ultimately be, first: about the Glory of His Great Name, and second: to bring the lost back to Him.

In His wisdom, I understand that my life should be about His kingdom. To do the kingdom-work; and as I pursue that, He will provide and take care of me – just as He always has.

So help me God.

Feb. 16, 2017; 3:09 am


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